2016 Australian Studies in China Program Awardees

 Name(s)  Institution(s)  Project Title Funding Category Funding Amount   Approved
 BAO Hongling  Chifeng   University  New   teaching plan on Australian related content  Category   3  $1,500.00
 CHEN Bing  Peking   University  Translation   of G.E.Morrison's China reports from  1897-1910  Category   1  $5,400.00
 CHEN Changwei  Peking   University  Whitlam   government’s attempts to abolish appeals  to the Privy Council  Category   1  $5,400.00
 CHEN Hong  East   China Normal University  China-Australia   Cup National English Contest for  University Students  Category   2  $10,000.00
 HU Dan  Beijing   Foreign Studies University  FTA   Usage Rate, Post-ChAFTA Performance and  Government Facilitation: taking   Australian Wine  Industry as a case study  Category   1  $5,400.00
 LI Jingyan  Harbin   Institute of Technology  Gateway   to Australian and New Zealand Culture  Category   1  $5,400.00
 LI Liwen  Beijing   Foreign Studies University  Chinese   Enterprises' Mergers and Acquisitions in  Australia: Risk Analysis  Category   1  $5,400.00
 LI Shu;
 RAO Lilin;
 CAS   Key Laboratory of Behavioral  Science, Institute of Psychology,  Beijing  Collaboration   with CSIRO to explore “Food safety,  security and new technology: Perceived   risks and  trust”  Category   1  $5,400.00
 LI yao  Beijing   Foreign Studies University  Publishing   a collection of the most significant literary  works Professor Li has   translated in the past 40  years  Category   2  $10,000.00
 SUN Ji  Liaoning   Academy of Social  Sciences  The   Australian Political Institutions - The Australian  Way of Democracy   Category   1  $3,000.00
 SUN Youzhong;
 CHEN Hong
 Beijing   Foreign Studies University;
 East China Normal University
 Journal   of Australian Studies  Category   2  $10,000.00
 SUN Youzhong;
 LI Jianjun
 Beijing   Foreign Studies University  Blue   Book of Australia  Category   2  $10,000.00
 WANG Danyang  Jiangsu   Normal University  A   study of Vietnamese Immigrants in Australia  Category   1  $4,800.00
 WU Haiyan;
 DUAN Manfu
 Inner   Mongolia Normal University;
 Inner Mongolia University
 The   2nd International Symposium on Paralles  between Australian Indigenous People   and People of  Chinese Mongolian Nationality in 2017  Category   2  $10,000.00
 WU Haiyan;  NARISU  Inner   Mongolia Normal University  Translation   of Australian children’s books about  Indigenous people  Category   1  $5,000.00
 WU Wen  East   China Normal University  Cross-Cultural   Interactions on Canvas: A study on  the artistic strategies of   Chinese-Australian painters.  Category   1  $5,400.00
 XIANG Lan  Xihua   University  Eco-Aesthetic   study of Aborigine Painting  Category   1  $5,400.00
 XU Xianjing  University   of Shanghai for Science  and Technology  Teaching new subject Australian   Society and Culture  to undergraduates  Category   1  $2,350.00
 XU Yangzi  Shanghai   Jiao Tong University  A   Critical Study of Memories Representation and  Identity Construction in   Richard Flanagan’s  Historical Fiction  Category   1  $5,400.00
 YANG Yongchun  University   of Shanghai for Science  and Technology  2017   summer workshop of Austalian literature  Category   2  $8,000.00
 ZHA Weiqiang  Xiamen   University   The   Trend of Development of the Bilateral Trade  Structure between China and   Australia: From Inter-  Industry Trade to Intra - Industry Trade  Category   1  $4,500.00
 ZHANG Jiasheng;  WANG Labao  Nantong   University; Suzhou  University  Collabraion   between the Australian Study Centers of  Nantong University and Suzhou   University  Category   2  $6,000.00
 ZHANG Zhirong  Inner   Mongolia University  “Their   Own Voices”—Aboriginal Resistance in  Carpentaria  Category   1  $5,400.00
 ZHU Kai  Jiangsu   Normal University  A   Study on the Philippines Immigrants in Australia  since 1970s  Category   1  $4,800.00